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Thread: Who Was Your Favorite Professor at NDSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony View Post
    I pretty much liked all my computer science professors but it's been so long that most of them have died or retired. Let's see, cancer got both Perrizo (who managed to teach me assembly language) and Paul Juell, my advisor. D. Bruce Erickson died way too young too. Others have retired like Mark Pavicik - cripes he looked like he was 12 when he started and was very smart. Bob Gammill - I took a graduate level graphics course from him and heard about these things like email and the internet before they were cool - I still remember him talking about the future of computer displays. John Martin (reminded me of Mr. Rogers - last time I saw him, we were on the same flight to London back in 1999.) Brian Slator is still teaching but then he was a young punk who started teaching the same year I finally graduated (he quoted from Cool Hand Luke his first class), Ken Magel was the chair of the department (I think) my first year. Vasant Ubhuya - actually, I'm not sure I ever took a class from me unless it was Discrete Mathematics for CS but most of my friends did. I gotta be missing some.

    Outside of CS, Monsieur Homan tried to teach me French (hilariously) and Professor Andreini was great at Latin and classical studies.

    People who teach at universities are generally curious about the world around them (although sometimes their focus is narrow) and that curiosity makes them interesting to be around.
    I am reminded about D. Bruce Erickson's discrete math class every time I think about my 3.98 GPA.

    I had a class on computer architecture from Gammill that was half CS and half EE. He told lots of jokes that made one half of the class laugh, but not the other. I think they were mostly about why Linux was better than Windows.

    On the EE side, my favorite was Floyd Patterson.

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    Fred Haring... I was never all that great in math, but for some reason, after taking his classes things started to click, and math was never an issue after that. He saved my collegiate career!!!!

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    Clark Merkle(not sure of spelling) who was a grad student in Mechanical Engineering.

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