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    Default Bisonville Masters Pool 2023

    Hello friends. At last, a tradition unlike any other is upon us once again.

    In years past we had TAB, Strategery, Greenfield, tutters, Mangy, pucknut, gavin, Gooch, Loud and Proud, audit, and scottie… Gooch is our defending champ, who will unseat him?

    Same rules as in the past (with one minor change to cuts or WDs to create more parity):

    On Sunday, April 2, I’ll post the most up to date tiers based on Vegas odds. You pick 4 golfers, 1 from each tier, and guess a winning score to par for tie-breaker (you can PM me your picks if you like). Total low aggregate score of your 4 golfers wins. For players who WD, DQ, or miss the cut, that player gets the average score of golfers picked during the round in question.

    Sign up below. Thanks, fellas!
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    The Bisonville MASTERS Pool
    Winners - 2020: Vet70 | 2021: ND Gooch | 2023: Strategery

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