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Thread: Summit Tourney

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    Watch Duke play awful on Saturday now. SDSU started this "play like total ass in your next game" curse. They gave it to NDSU who gave it to ORU who has now given it to Duke.

    The Charmin ultra soft Summit League did ORU no favors this year.

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    I don't think Duke plays awful, they have hit their stride at the right time and I think are final 4 bound. ORU played like garbage, they played like the team that we played when we almost beat them in Tulsa and not the team that shot the lights out against us in the SLT. Duke played the same strategy we did, take away Abmas and make somebody else beat us...this Mwamba didn't miraculously score 20. Of course Duke significantly more athletic and with more size to further affect other guys but ORU had a ton of open looks and couldn't make shit.

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    And Duke is out in the 2nd round. Tennessee took it to them in the 2nd half.

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    The Jackrabbit curse continues, just keep betting against that last team…
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