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Thread: Amy Olson 2021 LPGA season

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    I think it’s time for Amy to find a new swing coach with this long break. She won’t play again until February, so there’s plenty of time to adjust to any tweaks that might help her. At the very least, she needs to get with a short game coach who specializes in 150 yards on in and putting. While Amy has as beautiful and silky a full swing as we see, it seems she needs to work on half and 3/4 swings and additional variations to maximize her ball striking (like Nelly Korda does so effectively). In addition, Amy’s current putting stats will not win her any LPGA tournaments. She has to get under 30 PPR consistently.

    Nothing against this current coach, but often in sports it is just time for a change, and usually a drastic one at that. A new set of eyes and fresh approach. Lydia Ko made a lot of changes in that area (she changed coaches and caddies more often than grips!), and has never been shy about it. As have many others. Noting the swings and success of Nelly Korda and Lydia Ko, I would say that either of the coaches they are using would be good ones to consider first. That said, there are plenty for Amy to work with.

    I feel like this would give Amy the best opportunity to maximize her excellent potential while she is still in the prime of her career and earning potential. I feel there is no reason for her not to be a healthy seven figure winner for years to come. Like Pete Cowen, one of the coaches who took Gary Woodland to US Open wins from relative mediocrity said, “All of us die, but not all of us truly live.” Pete would be another one to consider in fact, as would Phil Kenyon (putting).

    Happy Thanksgiving to Bisonville and especially all who have cheered Amy on through the great, the good, and the not as good! Special warm regards to Audit and dufferole, who have both been loyal supporters here for Amy since day 1! Happy Thanksgiving to Amy and Grant Olson and the Anderson and Olson families, and thanks for all the great moments they have provided for Bison athletics and fans, along with their great attitudes, leadership, role modeling, and class! Here is to a wonderful time with family and friends for all, and a time of healing, giving thanks, and fondly remembering.
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