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Thread: RIP, Dr. Robert Wood

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    Default RIP, Dr. Robert Wood

    Quote Originally Posted by ByeSonBusiness View Post
    Sounds like law school.
    Well he was teaching Poli Sci so probably just a warm up for those aspiring law dogs eh?

    My wife earned a Master of Science at NDSU and subsequent to that a Doctor of Philosophy in the same field but at a different institution. She says she breezed through that doctoral program (at the #1 program in the country at the time) due to the solid training she received at the cow college.

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    Default Re: RIP, Dr. Robert Wood

    I remember his office on the 4th floor of Minard Hall. Super An small office for such a “robust” guy. Bob was my original advisor before I switched majors. I loved his classEs/seminars on terrorism. Also took higher ed classes from Nona. Good people.
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