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Thread: Andrew Morgan 6 8 Commit

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    Sounds like a great dude. Very Marshall Bjorklund humble farmer attitude which worked out real well last time. Best news in this article is that he said he had no second guesses and that he was relieved when he made his decision. Looking forward to seeing him in a Bison uniform.
    He also grew an inch in the last week

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    The other day I was watching AAU/HSBB highlights of Morgan, along with Hurlbert and Tschetter. For a 5, I'll take Morgan, he seems to have more of physical presence than the other two guys, and has some patented inside game. I certainly like the cheese too, but to me he's more of a stretch 4. Hurl maybe has the biggest upside, and is very athletic, but he's maybe even more of an outside player, or outside/in player that Tschetter. Hurl has some work to do on his body compared to both of the other guys. I think Morgan is more developed right now than the other two. If you want a guy to shoot 3s or take someone off the dribble, you probably take the cheese first, Hurl 2nd. But if you want a 5, Morgan might be the best option.

    If you're looking for a 5, I like the guy we got. Really nice hands, and great touch around the basket . . . but has some shake and finesse with it, and capable of running the floor. Not just a road grater like Pyle from Omaha. I think Morgan will be a Summit first team guy early on, and will play right away.

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