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Thread: Free (sorta) ticket to a fun Bison fan

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    Default Free (sorta) ticket to a fun Bison fan

    Section 116, row 3, seat 1. Value = $90.

    I don't want money for the ticket. Someone bailed on me just now and I don't want to spend my entire day in Frisco dealing with it.

    All I ask is that you buy my beer, skittles, hot dogs, water, etc. You also need to be a fun person to hang with. References will be required. (Not really...)

    Fair warning: It could be a decent amount of beer and dogs...
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    Default Re: Free (sorta) ticket to a fun Bison fan


    Would be happy to buy you all those thinbs, but alas I am not fun. Also, I'm in West Fargo.
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    Default Re: Free (sorta) ticket to a fun Bison fan

    No skittles, M&Ms OK?
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    Default Re: Free (sorta) ticket to a fun Bison fan

    Orygun let us know if the game is worth $180. I'm sure it will be, cheer loud dude.
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