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Thread: Gophers 2019 Season thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bisonp View Post
    I don't see him staying. Another year or two like this one and he could go just about anywhere he wanted. While Minnesota is certainly big enough to pay him a lot more, I'm not convinced they would, and I don't think he has any connections to the area.

    Maybe if he gets the 3rd tier of TCF built, Minnesota would be a more attractive job.
    I think he sticks around at least for next year. The buy-out is a hurdle (that won't stop anyone that REALLY wants him) that is significantly lower after next year. Also, I know it seems a bit funny to say but there aren't a ton of jobs out there better than minny.

    Clemson - Dabo ain't going anywhere
    Virginia Tech - I think they will give Justin Fuente more time as he hasn't been bad and Frank Beamer was there for 18 years
    Florida State - Just hired Mike Norvell
    Miami - I could see the timing of this lining up, not sure how likely though

    Big 12
    Baylor - there is a lot of interest in Matt Rhule so there could be an opening. I'd put this on par maybe slightly better than the minny job
    Oklahoma State - Mike Gundy has been there awhile, so maybe?
    TCU - same as OSU with Gary Patterson
    Texas - Tom Herman isn't going anywhere for awhile
    Oklahoma - I don't think they'd go for PJ if Lincoln Riley goes to the NFL

    Pac 12
    Oregon - nope
    Washington - nope
    Stanford - something would have to go upside down in a hurry to get rid of David Shaw
    USC - I don't think Clay Helton is the issue, but I guess that doesn't always matter. Outside possibility?
    UCLA - possibility

    Tennessee - Possibly
    Georgia - Kirby Smart isn't going anywhere
    LSU - Nope
    Auburn - Auburn does some really funny things so while it is highly unlikely, you never know?
    Florida - Dan Mullen has been pretty good, don't see timelines lining up
    Texas A&M - PJ ain't taking over for Jimbo
    Arkansas - Just hired Sam Pittman
    Ole Miss - Lane Mania baby!
    South Carolina - Not sure if PJ would be interested or not but possibly?

    Big Ten
    Michigan - I see this as THE step up
    Ohio State - Nope
    Nebraska - If Frost doesn't improve next season I could see this, but would they want to pay another coach who isn't coaching for them
    Penn State - Franklin seems safe
    Michigan State - Does Dantoni continue to slip? Does MSU want to buy him out?
    Wisconsin - Nope
    Iowa - probably a lateral move

    Notre Dame - The other real step up I could see, not sure if they would embrace his coaching style though

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    PJ is gone as soon as a Bigger Program offers. He pressured gophers into paying him extra (he was 9-0 but only 2-2 vs ranked teams)
    PJ has a plan, and he needed a lucky year like this to fulfill that plan, now he will use it.
    I WANT TO THANK TONY < JAIL & EL CHAPO DONT MIX > FBS or BUST enough with this small timey stuff, "Bring on the Competition" is our motto right?

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    Gophers end up #10 in the final ranking. Hard to believe after how much they struggled with SDSU, but they just kept improving. Future is looking better than at any previous point in my lifetime.

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    My opinion is that Minnesota had the best bowl win (not including CFP) of the bowl season. They represented the B1G very well.
    "It's important in this life to dream big" - Brock Jensen during one of Kolpack and Izzo's pregame shows of the 2014 season.

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