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Watched most of the match on Midco tonight; first time I've watched volleyball in, like, forever. It was enjoyable. Need to watch more NDSU volleyball. BTW, Sioux volley over on the HYB is pretty quiet. Not much to cheer about in that dark, dank, and dreary place some call the flyshit…….er…...flagship.
I've been getting back into VB this year, and the matches are fun to go to. The crowd and atmosphere are fun to be around and this team can compete with every team in the Summit. Definitely not the favorite to win the tourney, but they can beat any of the conference teams on a given night.

On the individual side, Alexis Bachmeier and Kalli Hagerle are both from the local metro area and are performing at an all conference level at times. Syra Tanchin has loads of talent and Allie Mauch can crush the ball too.

If you haven't seen a match in a while, I'd recommend checking one out. Great environment for kids to attend too.