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the walrus abides! top of the mornin 2 u mange, aka MOAB--------------anybody going 2 check bison vs bison at the pine ta palm? simonich vs dietzel 0800 at my 2nd favorite course in DL should b a goodun bud

this 1s for mangy and PL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hptD6PAQk8Q

PL. any chance of another bisonville golf outing this september followed by pizza party? those were a blast bro! CAS i was all set to play erskine the other day but they had a friggen tourney going on that course looks LEGIT
Slick the reason I stopped the golf was I couldnt get anyone to play. Didnt have any problem with people showing up for the Pizza Party though. Which weve has a hiatus for two years due to the fucking Covid and other issues. But Im thinking of starting that back up again.