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Thread: Bring on Duke!

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    Default Bring on Duke!

    Never thought Id say that

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    Apparently we are undefeated against the dreaded Blue Devils.
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    Remember the Facebook post that the SHAC home opener was gonna be against Duke (that ended up being an April Fools Day Joke) well maybe it wasn’t a joke and we were just calling our shot. LFG!
    Brother is a die hard Duke fan- told him has 3 choices if one of the greatest upsets of all time happens Friday night, he can either:
    1) get a call, text, email, snail mail, etc reminder of the game everyday for the rest of my life
    2) he gets an ndsu tat
    3) his headstone has to have the score of the game
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    The mother of starting Duke point guard, Tre Jones, is Debbie (Deutsch) Jones, who played high school ball at Devil's Lake. Her brother, Scott Deutsch, played some baseball at NDSU and lives in Fargo. Tre's older brother Tyus, was the MVP of the 2015 NCAA final four with Duke. Below is a 2015 story from the Bismarck Tribune about their family.
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