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Thread: 2019 NCAA March Madness Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Chaos View Post
    I love the One Shining Moment montage and stay tuned in every year until I see it. You almost forget about all the stuff that happened in the rest of the tournament by the time the champion is cutting down the nets at the Final Four. To me it encapsulates, in 3-4 minutes, why the NCAA Tournament is about more than just crowning a champion.
    I can buy that. Its just not my thing. Heck I didnt even know it existed until a few years ago. I think people get a little too worked up about it though and make it a bigger thing than it needs to be.
    I don't care how the vote ended up. They still suck and always will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BisonTeacher View Post
    Why do people even care about one shining moment? How is it even a thing? Its like their existence hinges on being a part of it. I think its kind of dumb honestly.

    Honestly, one of the best all around tournaments Ive ever witnessed. Yes there may have been bigger shots or upsets, but many games were amazing to watch.
    I think it's cool for the teams that hit that buzzer beater and/or pull off the upset (think NDSU Oklahoma game which made it that years) that has a "key" shot at the end of the game. But generally lose by or in sweet 16. It really is just a highlight reel of the tournament, which is kind of neat where someone like me maybe watches a couple games the first round and then just sort of catch highlights to see some of the other highlights that I missed and haven't caught up on. I'm sure it's really neat for the team that wins the championship as they get heavy highlights from championship game.

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