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Thread: 2020 MVFC Recruiting

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    Yotes have done a good job recruiting this off-season. Pulled in a Top 10 recruiting class for the FCS along with the #1 overall FCS recruit and are now at 6 in-state recruits. For years we have heard how USD doesn't recruit local kids (meaning in-state), that's a bunch of BS. Given our location in the SE corner USD is going to naturally be a destination for Iowa and Nebraska kids. When it comes to recruiting in-state it really comes down to this quote from the article:

    The recruits, though, have been swayed by USD’s academic offerings, according to Ockinga — “the academics sell the school itself, and that’s what they should be making their choice based on.”
    Ultimately, that’s what it came down to.

    “We’ve always recruited the state, but this year we found more kids that fit and wanted to be students at USD,” Ockinga said.

    An ag dominated state is going naturally have more students gravitate to the ag school. These players should be choosing which school to go to based on academic offering first then athletics second. If everything is a good fit then great.

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    Zack Lasek - 6’ 7” 235 - DE - Riverside IA (Highland)
    Commits to Iowa as a PWO.
    Had just been offered by Illinois State, also had an offer from Northern Iowa where his brother plays.

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