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Thread: 2019 Verbal: Zach Gottwalt

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    The 4.73 forty and the 30 inch vertical are very good for a TE prospect.

    He may never way over 240, but if he keeps that speed as he gets bigger and stronger it will play well. It just depends on how developed the kid is now. If he is a late bloomer he may even improve his speed as he bulks up.

    When he is a junior he may be 240 with a 35 inch vertical and a legitimate 4.6 forty.

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    Default Re: 2019 Verbal: Zach Gottwalt

    Jake Wieneke - 6’ 4” 221 - 4.67 40
    just sayin’......*

    *with all the TE’s on the roster and among the incoming recruits, am guessing he’d get a looksee as a possession receiver.
    Did like seeing a taller possession receiver was visiting NDSU today - assuming as a pwo candidate - can always use another.

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    Default Re: 2019 Verbal: Zach Gottwalt

    Gottwalt broke his leg playing pickup basketball. Send up some prayers for healing.

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    6'5'" dude that returns punts !
    he looks freakish

    love it !

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