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Thread: Ranking/Tiers for the Senior Class (fun exercise in humility for me)

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    Default Ranking/Tiers for the Senior Class (fun exercise in humility for me)

    Ok, so the season is over and we have plenty of time to talk about trivial things. Moreso than normal anyway.

    Long story short, during this amazing run I started getting a lot more interested in the recruiting aspect of the team. So I started watching all of the HUDL/Prospect videos of each commit after they signed their LOI and did a very brief note on what I took away from their film and tried to "rank" them in 4 categories for my prediction for their impact on the program.

    - Hall of Fame
    - All Conference
    - Starter
    - Depth

    Now these aren't exactly literal and don't have black and white criteria. We could easily have a player be an amazing contributor but never actually receive all conference awards. We could have someone that is a multi year starter that we just don't think was worthy of starter status but was used out of necessity. We could have incredible depth and a great talent just doesn't see the field. You get the point.

    Anyway, I started this exercise with the 2014 class and that class is now done. So now I get to go back and give them their actual final ranking and laugh at my notes/predictions from years ago. I would like some help from the Bisonville gang to help me finalize some ranks here. Sidenote: Some players from the signing class left the program and will be omitted in the final rankings.

    Easton Stick: HoF (Probably the GOAT)
    Bruce Anderson: HoF? (Memorable impact as a true freshman and the last 2 years he might be the most impressive looking RB we've had this run)
    Lance Dunn: HoF? (Lance had durability issues but I truly feel like he and Bruce were the best tandem we've had. Plus with limited touches Lance still sneaks into the career records list)
    Darrius Shepherd: HoF (He went from possibly All Conference to HoF lock this year. I don't know who saw this senior year impact coming. Wow.)
    RJ Urzendowski: HoF (Might have some of the most memorable catches in Bison WR history. He and shep were so incredibly durable and reliable)
    Dallas Freeman: Starter (Flashed in spring games but took awhile to see the field. Provided us with a decent #2 option this year and some quality depth the previous year.)
    Nate Jenson: Starter (Baby gronk was a very reliable TE in the program for a couple years but just didn't splash quite enough for All Conference imo. Maybe underutilized?)
    Luke Bacon: Starter (Mr. Jack of all trades was a really nice option to have on the line for years and looked very solid this year)
    Tanner Volson: HoF (Crushed it his whole career. Rimington award winner and All American. Duh.)
    Colin Conner: Starter (Borderline All Conference as he played LT quite well for 2 years and moved into LG seamlessly this year. I could be convinced AC by someone)
    Stanley Jones: Starter (Another borderline All Conference. What a weapon as DE depth for the past few years. Was he AC talent and just stuck behind studs?)
    Caleb Butler: Starter (Same as Stanley and perhaps an even stronger case for All Conference? Struggled ranking these platoon DEs)
    Greg Menard: HoF (Right up there with the other DE legends)
    Blake Williams: All Conference (Basing this one a bit off of talent. He had to sit behind Tanguay until this year but I feel played very well last year as a backup and as a starter this year)
    Aaron Steidl: All Conference (Contributed all 4 years and was a great starter for 3.)
    Dan Marlette: Starter (Think he had potential but injuries and playing behind an HoF MLB in Deluca only gave him one year to show us what he was capable of. Really good LB though)
    Levi Jordheim: Starter (Injuries held him back some but he was a reliable starting and special teams LB when healthy.)
    Jalen Allison: All Conference (Ascended quickly and thought he might reach CJ and Marcus territory but I am going with All Conference. Excellent CB for multiple years)
    Jaylaan Wimbush: Starter (I want to give him All Conference. His versatility at CB/S really gave our defense flexibility for multiple years but probably just a good starter and amazing depth)
    Eric Bachmeier: Depth (Looked like he might break into the rotation early on but never quite did.)
    Bryce Bennot: Depth (Didn't see the field much)
    Robbie Grimsley: HoF (Incredibly durable 4 year starter that constantly received conference and national recognition. One of the best ball hawking safeties in NDSU history I imagine?)
    Cam Pederson: Starter (Cam was clutch in quite a few key kicks for the Bison and got pretty good at kickoffs but his accuracy/FG % was pretty pedestrian.)

    So there you have it. I would really like any criticism or discussion these rankings generate before I lock in my final rankings. I think the toughest rankings were the DEs and RBs. I am also willing to share what I ranked these guys or my "scouting notes" during signing day for anyone that wants a good laugh.

    Let's hear your thoughts!

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    Default Re: Ranking/Tiers for the Senior Class (fun exercise in humility for me)

    Lets hear the scouting notes

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    Default Re: Ranking/Tiers for the Senior Class (fun exercise in humility for me)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kujava23 View Post
    Lets hear the scouting notes
    Had a huge response that I lost to the interwebs. Here it goes a second time.

    - I tried to keep the notes to a single line or two.
    - I noticed that my first class or two of doing this I relied too much on role in the upcoming seasons vs just their talent on film. This probably hurt talent loaded positions like RB.
    - Some players I didn't grade because they had no or very limited film. Like small town OL Volson, Steidl, and Butler.

    Easton Stick (Hall of Fame): Total Package. More athletic and accurate than Brock. Seems to have a better arm as well. Does he have the IT factor?
    Bruce Anderson (All Conference): Great speed and NASTY cuts. Routinely breaks arm tackles with agility and strength. Vision could use improvement though.
    Lance Dunn (Depth): Good speed and great footwork and small space agility. Didn't see much receiving film.
    Darrius Shepherd (Depth): Average size and above average athleticism. Nothing stands out other than ability to get YAC. Starter potential at KR or PR?
    RJ Urzendowski (All Conference): Great, not elite, in pretty much every category. If he was 2 inches taller he would be FBS or Bison HoF.
    Stanley Jones (Starter): Great motor and mean streak. Enough moves to be dangerous. A little too light to be a 3 down run stopping DE so perhaps just a pass rush specialist?
    Greg Menard (All Conference): Stanley Jones with a bit more athleticism and strength. Excellent get off. Another inch or two and he is FBS or Bison HoF.
    Blake Williams (All Conference): Fun to watch play. Mean streak and exciting athleticism for size. Sheds blocks very well. Possible HoF if he can put on the needed 35-40 pounds and keep athleticism.
    Dan Marlette (Depth): Solid all around skills but nothing stands out as special. Ability to be a special teams stud and a good backup.
    Levi Jordheim (Depth): Carbon copy of Dan Marlette notes.
    Jalen Allison (Starter): Great quickness. Fluids hips and footwork. Tackles a bit light and doesn't drive through.
    Jaylaan Wimbush (Depth): Tackles too high and without strength. Fluid direction changes but lacks drive/quick twitch.
    Robbie Grimsley (Starter): Shows great speed, agility, and hands. Willing tackler but doesn't break down consistently. Most of film is RB so tough to grade. All Conference potential if it clicks for him.

    Players that left the program of note:
    Isaac Cenescar (Starter): Likes to hit and drives through well. Above average athleticism.
    Christian Triplette (Starter): Great interior OL size right out of high school and moves surprisingly well.

    Have a good laugh or feel free to comment. I think I whiffed the biggest on Dunn and Shep. Just to be clear, I have no clue what I am doing or experience to be respected in this regard. I just enjoy watching film and it is a way for me to keep the excitement rolling in the offseason.

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