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Navy isn't independent. Liberty, Army, and Air Force aren't going 12-0 against schedules like you see below either.

They play 5 ACC's annually.
They play USC, Navy, and Stanford annually.

^Consider this their conference schedule. This never changes. These 8 games are locked in.

They play a marquee home/home annually against a big dog (Michigan, Georgia, Texas, A&M, Alabama, Ohio State, are all on future schedules) and then they usually play a couple pud teams that are either G5 or low-mid level P5 schools.

Do they get treated differently? I suppose, but nobody in their right mind is going to compare them with Liberty, Army, or Air Force.

They are contractually obligated to join the ACC in the event they give up their football independence. I hope they don't give it up. Then they switch to 8 ACC games, and that leaves only 4 games to try to fit in USC, Stanford, Navy, big home-home or neutral site game, and the typical G5 cupcake games. I don't see how that would really improve their schedule most seasons.
The USAFA isn't an independent either. They're literally across I-25 from their conference (Mountain West) headquarters in the northern part of Colorado Springs: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mo...4d-104.8050561