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Speaking of the affiliate B12 member schools and solid recruiting, I think we're likely to see the top three classes in the country go: 1. Ohio State, 2. Arizona State, 3. Northern Colorado. It really is quite incredible and a program changer for Northern Colorado. This is a school with no wrestling success whatsoever at the D1 level, and now they land 3 legit blue chip recruits and other solid ones.
Taking a look at some of the notable commits from the affiliates:
Northern Colorado: #5 Andrew Alirez, #17 Theoris Robison, #75 Mosha Schwartz (comically underrated IMO), #88 Ronald Tucker
Northern Iowa: #20 Parker Keckeisen, #95 Kyle Gollhofer, #107 Lance Runyan
Fresno State: #42 Jace Luchau, #46 Matt Olguin, #54 Ryan Reyes, #120 Christian Reyes (If they consistently pull Cali talent like this, they're going to be trouble)
SDSU: #67 Cade Devos, #80 Spencer Trenary, #100 Tanner Jordan
Wyoming: #68 Brendan Garcia, #114 Jake Svihel
Air Force: #65 Wyatt Hendrickson (Underrated IMO)
NDSU: #111 Corey Gamet
Utah Valley: None

Rankings were pulled from Pinfall Recruiting, which comes up with a composite ranking from various websites. Habisch is likely just outside the top 100 on most lists.
Fresno State is going to benefit from having a lack of competition not only within their state, but region. That will be a huge plus for them for the kids on the West Coast who don't want travel too far from home.