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Thread: 2019 MVFC Recruiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yote 53 View Post
    So he is obviously not really committed to SDSU if he's taking other official visits and NDSU is snooping around looking to flip him.
    It ainít over Ďtil itís over*.........
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    He sounds very committed to SDSU on his tweets.
    If it were me, I would be doing the same thing - since I (he) was not getting FBS offers, then take the best FCS offer and commit. Then, if a FBS offer shows up, even if it is a PWO, then you have options. Itís very common for FCS commits to flip to FBS.
    NDSU did not offer - Iíll guess partly because they had such good, early success in getting LB commits.
    There is a family connection for Shafer and NDSU, IIRC with both his Dad & Uncle. Here is a biography for his Dad when he was still a football coach.

    Any chance USD offers SF Washington QB Jayden Johannsen???
    Are the Coyotes still in need of a QB for this class?

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    We just lost our QB commit as he flipped to Cornell. Can't fault a kid who has a chance at an Ivy League education. I don't know if we will be looking to add one to this class. Simmons is a junior and we have several young QBs right behind him.

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