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    Default Bison Open Results

    With SDSU (full team) & MN (14-16) sending wrestlers to this year's Bison it made it a better tournament than last year's event. It was great to see the improvement with some individuals and a little surprising on how others performed.

    Wt Class 125
    Paul Bianchi placed 3rd - Bianchi is going to have to get better off the bottom, no doubt about that after watching him over the weekend. The loss to the freshman Brown (SDSU) was surprising in that Bianchi couldn't get off the bottom. I watched Brown in HS and he has always been tough on the top but it still surprised me that he couldn't get away.

    Wt Class 133
    McGwire Midkiff placed 2nd - Midkiff looked pretty solid up until he ran into Mr Gross, I think he can build off of the tournament and with continue work in the rooom can be solid for us down the line.

    Wt Class 141
    Sam Hampton placed 1st
    Nico Colunga placed 5th
    Taylor Nein placed 6th

    Ok this is weight is a bit of a surprise to me. I thought coming into this season it was Nico's spot but Mr Hampton has stepped up his game and performed well. The major by Hampton over Pohlmeyer (SDSU) in the championship match was pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see how this plays out between Nico and Sam over the course of the next few weeks. If Hampton keeps things rolling he will solidify himself as the starter but I'm sure Nico will be eager to show that is his spot.

    Wt Class 149
    Mitchell Bengtson placed 2nd
    Kyle Gliva placed 3rd
    Mitchell Friedman placed 6th
    Jaden VanMaanen placed 5th

    OK the most drama filled weight class in the NDSU lineup did not disappoint when it comes for Best Cast in a Drama Supporting Wrestlers Role Catagory. I will start with the easiest one since he's redshirting this year. VanMaanen kept is close with Bengston and took Gliva into OT. He looked very solid in every match and if he doesn't grow too much it looks like this weight will be all his next season. Now the tough part, who in the heck do you go with for the starting spot next week in the two duals. Gliva who came out on top in the intra-squad matches didn't have the best showing Saturday at the tournament. Bengston tweaked his ankle in the final and medically defaulted to Colten Carlson (SDSU) in the finals and Friedman was banged up in his loss to Ben Brancale (UM) in his consolation semis match and medically defaulted to VanMaanen in the 5th/6th match. So at this point do you take all three on the road this weekend and just go with your gut to who you run out? That's the million dollar question right there.

    Wt Class 157
    Clayton Ream placed 1st
    Nick Mergen placed 4th

    Clay's shots looked very good this weekend and he will need to continue that next weekend at both Iowa and UNI. I'm not sure but maybe Zilverberg was just off his game this past weekend but after the first he really didn't have answer on how to stop Clay's attacks on their feet. Mergen in my opinion has really improved coming into this season and I think is heading in the right direction. He lost a tight match to Zilverberg 3-2 in the semis and lost another 3-2 match to Jose Champagne (UM) in the 3rd place match. He had his opportunities in both of the losses and looked good last weekend.

    Wt Class 165
    Andrew Fogarty placed 1st

    Fogarty looked great in route to winning it, recording two majors, a Tech and a fall along the way to winning the tournament. I'm looking for Andrew to have a great season this year.

    Wt Class 174
    Michael Otomo placed 2nd
    Jesse Shearer placed 3rd
    Colton Clingenpeel placed 5th
    Nick Knutson placed 6th

    With Urbach sitting this one out it was good to see how these guys stepped in and wrestled pretty well for the most part. This was really my first time getting to see Otomo wrestle and he did well unto he ran into Kocer in the finals. I thought Clingenpeel wrestled well and managed to keep his loss to Kocer to a major. The younger guys all wrestled pretty solid all day.

    Wt Class 184
    Tyler McNutt placed 4th

    Unfortunately for Ty he was not only battling opponents on the mat but a little bit of a flu bug as well. (I know he wasn't feeling well, he turned down free eats after the tournament from his dad, LOL) Overall considering this he wrestled pretty well. He just ran out of energy in a few of his matches, hopefully he can kick whatever he has and get ready to battle next week.

    Wt Class 197
    Cordell Eaton placed 1st
    August Peplinski placed 4th

    Cordell looked good all day, I think he is at his best when opens up and is on the attack with his shots. He won all three of his matches by majors. Peplinski wrestled pretty well but the highlight unfortunately for him was in his match with Nate Rotert, I am not sure what caused it but Rotert decided to go MMA on the back of Peplinski's head and was DQ'd from the tournament. If it's possible you may want to go back and see if it is on Flo because I missed what happened and only caught the tail end of things.

    Wt Class 285
    Daniel Stibral placed 1st
    Brandon Metz placed 2nd

    The placements are how it is officially listed as (MFF) but the decision was made not to have the big boys wrestle each other in the finals. Both big men looked good all day with the highlight of the big men being Metz's win over Alex Macki (SDSU) in the semis.
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    Default Re: Bison Open Results

    Thanks for the great post.

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    Default Re: Bison Open Results

    Beautiful. Thanks for the post.

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    Default Re: Bison Open Results

    For one that couldn't make the open I appreciate the post. Do you know the severity of Bengston's injury by chance?

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    Default Re: Bison Open Results

    Quote Originally Posted by TLLJr View Post
    For one that couldn't make the open I appreciate the post. Do you know the severity of Bengston's injury by chance?
    I think he should be good to go this weekend, it didn't appear to be serious.

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