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Thread: 2017-2018 WBB Season

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    Not seeing any of the game and just going off of other comments and stats. We were in the game early and then it got away quickly. Looks like Denver was hot from 3's. Did we not have the right defense called to close out on shooters? Plenty of turnovers again. Are we still trying that up pace offense that I do not feeel we can run. To say the least the team needs to improve greatly. Coach is on the hot seat. Buy out or not sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be done. But who is out there to help develop the current players and lead this program back to something we can be proud of. I do believe the players work hard but execution is just not there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BisoninNWMN View Post
    The WBB team had 4 conference wins last year. Is 3-4 this year an improvement?
    giving up 98 to denver? goodness...
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