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Thread: 2017-2018 WBB Season

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    Thundstedt is the most complete female player I have ever watched play in a Bison uniform...too bad she is a senior.
    Gaislerova is going to be a star. I know they discovered her in the states but I would love for the Bison to keep up the recruitment of foreign players.

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    First quarter was sloppy and a number of airballs, but defense was solid and UMASS never got more than a 5 point lead. then the three point shots started to fall.

    Some observations.
    Ball movement on offense has gotten better each came. Instead of wait til 5 seconds to try to shoot, when the shot was available they took it, and last light made it. Shot over 50%.
    Thunstadt and Sara shot light out. But prior to and after Sara started shooting lights out, she was playing very well in running the offense. Seems like she is getting comfortable in the role. Whereas last year (and high school) she forced everything, last night dribble drive and kick to open three. Or dribble drive, pass, step out and make the open three. Only a few instances last night that she drove to the basket and was challenged. Not a good role for her. Maybe 3 or 4 turnovers, but was in control.

    Team has a presence in the lane. Blocked and altered shots by multiple ladies. Controlled the boards. We talked about it last week that rebounding is hustle and work, last night the ladies worked.

    Depth, played 11, Anna Goodhue and Emily Dietz sat.

    Everytime Umass made a run got within 7 or 8, we made a shot.

    About 450 in attendance. If you had 2k at these games it could be a fun atmosphere. I am not that big, the seats still suck. If you get a chance, last row, padded seats west side, that row has an extra 3 or 4 inches of leg room. Ate at the Dog Peddler. Good arena food.

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