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Thread: "Is ESPN doomed" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEsocalledfan View Post
    Correct. But Greenie and Golic had a bond/link that the great partners do. His city boy, idiot attitude worked so well playing off Golic's "man's man" persona. Can anyone else think of an entertainment medium where the bosses, not the talent, decided to end a winning formula that topped the charts? It is nuts!
    Warner Brothers pulled the creative team off The West Wing after 4 emmys for best drama and 13 acting emmys in its first 4 season’s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NDSUSR View Post
    UFC is slowly dying, it wont help ESPN much.
    I dont think the UFC is dying at all. Its closing the gap with boxing who is also having issues due to the lack of big names. Every show on TV is seeing declines. But like i said in my original post, they will widen their audience at ESPNs expense

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