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Thread: Bowl games

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByeSonBusiness View Post
    Lets say they go do the same thing Houston did and schedule big-time non-conf schedule. Say they go beat Penn St, Florida St, and Oklahoma(three top fifteen type teams), they'd have a pretty awesome shot. At that point, I think the committee would have to throw them a bone for beating the B1G Champ, the Big 12 Champ, and a top 3 ACC team.

    They'd have to get really f'ing lucky and hit on one or two of those two teams becoming a conference champ....and not lose a single game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BisonTeacher View Post
    Well there's that...But how about Penn state's play calling on the drive before USC tieing TD...AND the Vikings prevent that allowed USC to tie the game. Wow.

    And seriously...Why was that game so long? Did the cotton bowl run long and I just didn't realize it?
    Good grief. Media still talking about what a great game it was. I'm thinking what a terrible game. No defense and tons of stupid mistakes not to mention the length. How about the USC DB peacocking after getting burned after the receiver missed what should have been a touchdown.

    But oh, it was close so it was good.

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