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Thread: Volleyball Recruiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by HerdBot View Post
    I don't know what to think of that.
    She's apparently quite awful. I know people who have first hand knowledge. Everything in the article is accurate from what I understand. And yes some were starters. Others on JV.
    The white jerseys are the best. Don't even bother to argue.

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    Full list of recruits signing with NDSU this fall

    North Dakota State University head volleyball coach Kari Thompson announced Tuesday, Nov. 29, the addition of six newcomers –

    6-foot-2 outside hitter Allie Mauch (Barney, N.D./Wyndmere H.S.),

    6-2 middle hitter Bella Lien (Rogers, Minn./Heritage Christian H.S.),

    6-3 middle hitter Emily Halverson (Iowa City, Iowa/Iowa City West H.S.),

    5-9 outside hitter/setter Alexis Bachmeier (Fargo, N.D./North H.S.),

    5-5 libero Emilee McGowan (Marion, Iowa/Linn Mar H.S.) and

    6-foot outside hitter Hannah Gail (Wheaton, Minn./Wheaton-Herman-Norcross H.S.)

    – that will be joining the volleyball team in the fall of 2017.

    Top 3 leaders in kills were all seniors - 5' 10 Hadley Steffen, 6' 2" Emily Miron, 6' 1" Emily Minnick - so good to see some much needed height/mb/oh were added.

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    Yikes... Really..??

    U of Minnesota is #1 in the nation, Twin Cities area is top 5 recruiting area 3+ hours away and not 1 recruit???

    Rogers girl played for a small school, heritage...

    Absolute failure not to get twin cities girls that the U of Minn won't take!!
    Can I please come back? Ill put a disclaimer in sig that bisonville isn't responsible for my comments. FBS or BUST enough with this small timey stuff, "Bring on the Competition" is our motto right?

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    SO NDSU is going into next year with 1 setter on their team, who is a senior? Wow.

    Nevermind, just saw Bachmeier is also a setter.

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    NDSU adds an experienced setter in St. Francis Brooklyn College transfer student-athlete Angela Hudelson (5' 10").
    Looks like she has 2 years of eligibility remaining.

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