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Thread: Support Bresciani

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    UND connection for Reichert's seat:
    I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant - B.Aud

    We all live in stories... It seems to me that a definition of any living vibrant society is that you constantly question those stories... The argument itself is freedom. It's not that you come to a conclusion about it. Through that argument you change your mind sometimes... That's how societies grow. When you can't retell for yourself the stories of your life then you live in a prison... Somebody else controls the story. - S. Rushdie

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    Quote Originally Posted by bisonaudit View Post
    UND connection for Reichert's seat:
    Another UND ....anti ndsu guy on the SBOHE. F U DOUG BURGUM.
    Can I please come back? Ill put a disclaimer in sig that bisonville isn't responsible for my comments. FBS or BUST enough with this small timey stuff, "Bring on the Competition" is our motto right?

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