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I can't speak for other beloved fan organizations, but for us here at ThM, we always have to make sure that we don't cover a myriad of topics too quickly. As everyone knows, ThM has graciously (if not stupidly) over the years, allowed a number of undesirable people (God bless our hearts) into our organization that can't seem to handle too much information in too "short" a period of time ............. mullet-wearers, milk drinkers, Trans Am drivers, country music fans, knitters, G5 conference proponents, Nickel Trophy worshippers and GA tailgaters, just to name a few. The fact is, we love these people dearly, and would never openly discriminate against them in any way, shape, or form, as far as they know.

As for when the Big-12 is going to get it's act together and be ready for us to signal our likely acceptance into their conference and tailgating activities, I don't even worry about that much anymore. Not only am I (and my junior honchos) working 24/7 on dealing with AC/DC's surprising insolence, but we've got a secret operative guy on the inside dealing with all the nasty Big-12 issues (okay, dammit, it's Cypanth, but at least he came cheap). I have the full and utmost confidence that this initiative will be at least as successful as we've been with our rockin' Aussie Band.

In the meantime, to show that we are all for tailgating diversity here at Thunderstruck Makers (no matter how much that diversity hurts to look at or listen to), we present this:

Cheap? Apparently you haven't gotten my bill!

And I've already taken care of half of my job . . . the important half . . . you are welcome to tailgate anywhere, anytime in the Big 12 . . . still working on getting you into the full conference schedule for the games.

P.S. That video is disturbing. No true AC/DC fan could watch that entire thing . . . and only a really mean person would even post that for others to see.