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Thread: AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAS4127 View Post
    Hope about this/her as warm-up to the real deal—>

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    In many ways, I feel like this is a test ………………….. a test of my powers of concentration, a test of my powers of objectivity, a test of my powers of appropriate commentary ……….. and that I will fail that test if I say anything, anything at all.

    But, at the end of the day, I am a true professional when it comes to analyzing the merits of AC/DC covers and interpretations, and I feel it my obligation to opine upon CAS's latest find. Therefore:

    "It is my learned opinion that this performance is a little too bouncy and free in nature, and does not have the uplifting gravitas that one would expect in an AC/DC cover. Certainly, this is a low-cut, stripped down version of the song that does, indeed, have some very titillating moments to it, but without proper enhancement and amplification of it's two greatest assets (vocalist and instrument, of course), I'm afraid that there is simply not enough shown to us in support of the otherwise very pleasing nature of the featured pair in this act (vocalist and instrument, of course). Unfortunately, in the final analysis, the guitar is required to hold up and retain everything of interest to viewers, and that what is presented just kind of hangs there in front of our eyes, waiting for someone or something to reach out and grab the duo (vocalist and instrument, of course) and squeeze them into more of a pointed hard rock style."

    Just one man's opinion.

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    You guys are a spoiled rotten bunch, that's for sure!

    The football team continues to dominate the standard, our tailgating is some of the best in all of college football, and, thanks to the continuing efforts of Thunderstruck Makers , we are as close as we've ever been since day one (????) in getting AC/DC to come here for a Live Intro performance and tailgate Meet 'n Greet.

    And yet …... when I'm out roaming around the tailgating lots with my fully-truncheoned jackboot security posse, checking to see that nobody is playing disco music anywhere on the premises, I overhear little sniping snippets of crap like this:

    "Loaf locks onto one donor and stares them down too often."
    "Loaf is too quick to run while he's in someone else's back pocket."
    "Loaf has a sloppy, slurring delivery that is too often incoherent and uncatchable by those he is targeting."
    "Loaf short-hops and short-changes constituents when he's flushed out and on the run."
    "Loaf doesn't have assistants who can get clear separation from public defenders."
    "Loaf sometimes misses seeing and hitting upon some very inviting tight ends."
    "Loaf tends to short-arm his booze pours when he's getting blitzed."
    "Loaf regularly wets and shits the bed after big, important tailgates."

    WTF! I swear you people are never satisfied! So I recently took out my frustrations by re-writing one of my favorite AC/DC songs from my very favorite AC/DC album. Yeah, it was a moment of rare weakness on my part, and I fully admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of doing it ……………... but that doesn't mean you should take it personally. Your continued donations, as meager as they always are, remain reasonably appreciated by us.

    We've Had It Up To Our Ass With You

    Well we've been up to our ass in flunkies
    Up to our ass in toads
    Up to our ass with big brown noses
    pushing us down rocky roads
    We've been your tool
    And you know what a tool can do (twss)
    Oh yes you do
    We promised Thunderstruck with our clout
    Now we're up ....
    We're up to our ass in doubt!

    Now we're up to our ass in bitching
    Up to our ass in whine
    Up to our ass with your finger-pointing
    at us, man, get in line!
    You've been so cruel
    Yet there's nothing that we wouldn't do
    do for you (you know it's true)
    We promised Angus, more or less
    Now we're up ......
    We're up to our ass in stress!

    Always up to our ass in charges
    Up to our ass in fault
    Up to our ass in Powers-That-Be
    demanding that we put a halt
    to things that we do
    All the things that we do for you
    It's been a few
    We promised "Meet 'n Greet" for a game
    Now we're up …...
    We're up to our ass in blame!

    We should've taken up all of those offers
    From places that wine and dine
    We shoulda took another look at those big contracts
    Just sitting there for us to sign
    and move on through
    taking all "this" away from you
    Oh boo hoo hoo (we HEAR you)
    We'd love to say "we don't give a ....... muck" (easy now, big fella, eeeeasy ….)
    but we can't .........
    We're up to our ass in stuck (stuck on you!)

    So now we cope everyday with our whiskey
    We cope everyday with our beer
    We cope everyday with our smack dab fun
    We hope we did make that clear
    We've played the fool
    But a fool who's so damn cool
    Obviously cool (except for the drool)
    Someday all of this ends, I 'spose
    But til then .........
    We're up to our ass in woes!

    (One More Time!)

    Someday all of this ends, I 'spose
    But til then .........
    We're up to our ass in woes!

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    Default Re: AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

    Quote Originally Posted by Bison Loaf View Post
    Australian Mist Issues Commemorative AC/DC coins …...……….. we have procured a few of these valuable Aussie beauties (on consignment of course, because we seem to be out of money again ………. how the hell does that happen so quickly?) and will make them available to you at our next home game ......…………..... We will be selling the 50 cent pieces for a very generous $500, and the (guitar-pick shaped) $5 pieces for a very charitable $1,500.
    And you people thought we were crazy! Yeah, crazy like a frickin' fox.
    (Too bad that we ended up missing the boat again, as we overslept on issue day and failed to secure ANY of these suckers for our dear constituents. The main takeaway for you, however, is to remember is that we were on the right track - again! - and that unforeseen circumstances conspired against us - again!)

    AC/DC Coins Create An EBAY Goldmine ……………………
    The two AC/DC coins, released on October 2, 2018 retailed for $15 for the 50 cent coin and $130 for the $5 collectible. The 50 cent coin is currently being sold on eBay for up to $160 and the $5 coin is hitting the $500 mark.

    "Think Big. Dream Big. Talk Big. Drink Big. Be Big.
    We're Thunderstruck Makers...………. Go Big or Go Pud."

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    Default Re: AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

    Oh great. NOW we've got Dave Grohl trying to horn in on our upcoming AC/DC extravaganza. "Dave Grohl's Last Ambition: To Play With AC/DC" …………

    I think I know where all this is heading:

    First …. Grohl demands a private, reserved tailgating spot - of which we don't have any available out there - to park his trailer on, and then throws a big hissy fit when he can't get one.

    Second …. Grohl demands that his reserved tailgating spot (that we already said, dammit, he doesn't get) be stocked with more Thunderstruck Tequila and more large, unhandled pom-poms than, quite frankly, we're willing to part with.

    Third …. Grohl demands to be feted and ferried around personally by Bison Loaf himself, as if HE was a bigger star than our beloved Loafy! ( Geez, the nerve of some people.)

    Fourth …. Grohl pisses off Phil Rudd by taking over on the drums for a few songs, and then, by continuing on to sing a few songs himself, pisses off Brian Johnson, who is already somewhat pissed off that Loaf has so graciously agreed (by crowd acclamation) to "kill it" on a few takes.

    And finally …. A very angry AC/DC band, Grohl and his Foo Fighters contingent, the surviving members of Nirvana, and, for some damn reason, Axl Rose; all take to Bisonville immediately after the Meet 'n Greet, and start ripping Thunderstruck Makers, The Powers That Be, Matt Larson, Easton Stick, the very pud FCS in general, the Dippin' Dots corporation, Pat Simmers, and North Dakota corn-fed pom-poms.

    People, I'm telling you, we can't let this happen.

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