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Thread: AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

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    Default AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

    Quote Originally Posted by scottietohottie View Post
    When Loaf said "but I won't do that". He meant find me friends. I've been walking around tailgating with a 4 peat Bison Illustrated still in the wrapper looking for the rig with the most flags for 3 years now.
    OMG, Scottie! How many times do I have to tell you?!

    Just look for the Thunderstruck Makers Hospitality Tent with all the cases of Thunderstruck Tequila stacked up outside.

    Once there, look for the brilliant looking guy that has all the hot women congregated around him, batting their eyes and hanging on his every word.

    Jeez, how hard can it be?

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    Default Re: AC/DC to the West Lot.........rumors

    Now that AC/DC has officially announced the release of a special 'Back in Black' commemorative CASSETTE TAPE for Record Day on April 21st, we felt it was incumbent upon us to show off our own considerable brown-nosing skills and seemingly inexhaustible knowledge of cassette tape technology , by following suit with an even MORE special commemorative CASSETTE TAPE version of Thunderstruck Maker's own iconic album, "Back in Smack".

    We've taken great pains (and entered into further unrepayable credit agreements) to produce somewhere between 10 and 20 additional copies of these bad boys, and are pretty sure that they'll quickly sell out within the next 12 to 18 months or so (as long as we spend a little extra on expensive advertising and make sure to rebate large cash incentives back to an unwary public).

    To kick off this highly anticipated world-wide event, and in commemoration of the 3-month anniversary of the scintillating slow-speed chase between "The Joose" and local Law Enforcement in the snow-filled ditches of the Greater Brookings area .............. Thunderstruck Makers pays special and long overdue tribute to our hapless rivals down south. Enjoy!

    We're Not The Jacks! (with Hallelujah chorus) ....................................

    They play like they're queens,
    but talk like they're kings.
    Their cheerleaders squeal,
    while doin' nasty things.
    They were down in the muck,
    but we just had to try
    to elevate them with us,
    when it came time to fly.
    But how were we to know
    they couldn't take all our crap?
    Couldn't hang with us on FCOA
    and their fans all 'drive and "fap'!
    From the lack of proper plumbing
    to all the pigs at midfield.
    It's why that each and every night
    we thank the Lord and kneel............

    We're not the Jacks (Hallelujah!), We're not the Jacks (Not gonna fool ya')
    We're not the Jacks (We gonna tailgate), We're not the Jacks (We don't show up late)
    And they sure ain't us! (Oh hell THAT's funny!) The Jacks ain't us! (No lyin', Honey)
    The Jacks ain't us! (There's no mistakin'!) The Jacks ain't us! (The Titles we're takin')
    We're not the Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks
    We're not the Jacks!

    <<<<<<Insert awesome Big-12-level (not MWC) rockin' guitar solo here, of course attention to how it's done, Rabbits>>>>>>

    When it comes time to tailgate
    on their small, soggy lot.
    The wood chips they lay for us
    are the very best they've got.
    But don't come too early
    cuz there's no one around
    to them it's "just" football
    and the Herd is much too tightly wound.
    Oohhhhh, how were we to know
    this was the best they could do?
    Just had their first 10-win season
    in the history of the school! (Whaaaat?!?!)
    Now they've ridden our long coattails
    for as far as they can go
    If we knew then what we know now
    We might have said "Hell NO"!

    But, at least we're not Jacks! (Hallelujah!), we're not the Jacks (Not gonna fool ya')
    Won't crap the bed! (It's so contagious), We're in their heads! (They think they may just....!)
    And the Jacks ain't us (Now that's freakin' funny!), the Jacks ain't us! (C'mon over, Honey)
    Ain't got no Ring (They don't have nada!), with the 'Joose' running things! (A true Stig-mata?)
    We're not the Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, Jacks
    We're not the Jacks!

    (Praise The Lord and Pass The Alcohol!)
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