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We had 3 open scholarships, kid looks like he can help the team and make an impact. Still has 3 years to play. Very excited to have Chris at NDSU.

Leaves us with 2 open spots. Looks to be a player that can fit the role Seth Coatta would have played.

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And Quayle could also redshirt. 4 years to play his 3 years of eligibility.
Is there enough pt for both he and Tyree Eady to play next season? Would not be surprised to see one of them RS.
With PMiller and AJ seniors next season, will be plenty of pt to be had in 2018-19.

Don't think the Bison had any available schollies when Moody was still available, after the 1st 3 commits for the recruiting class. Too bad, would be fun to see him in Fargo.....