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Thread: A new and better FBS thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Meaty View Post
    Which ones have had FBS success? Also to what degree, winning one game will not make it a successful jump.
    Hard to quantify for some programs. App State and Georgia Southern will never win another national title, which they did regularly in FCS. If you equate a bowl appearance every year or so with success, then they can definitely achieve success. Some of these programs either didn't play in the FCS very long or sucked, so just existing in FBS is probably enough for them to call it a 'success'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDSU_grad View Post
    Boise State would be out of the time frame he used, i.e. last 10-15 years. The list would be Charlotte, Coastal Carolina, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, FIU, FAU, UMASS, Old Dominion, South Alabama, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio, Troy, and Western Kentucky. Some of these schools were new start-ups and only played in FCS for two years before jumping so it's hard to compare FCS to FBS success.
    Even though they moved up about 20 years ago, itís the only school I consider to be really successful in the vein that would be NDSUís expectation.

    Now, theyíre like the other schools on your list - just spinning their wheels in a pool of mediocrity.

    Being a part of the P5 elite is a hard and costly club to get into.

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    Ok seriously msu backup's not that cold to wear facemask. It's 50 in mpls. Lol. Toughen up
    I don't care how the vote ended up. They still suck and always will.

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