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Thread: Catch all Recruiting thread

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    As for starting true freshman the intent would be to redshirt the freshman, but when it seems you have a player quit, 2 get hurt and never have a full allotment of scholarship players to begin with, the freshman have to play out of necessity.

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    MW doesn't have a clue to "develop" high school talent. Those that she recruited still play like highschool kids. Their conditioning looks like they are running in mud. No basic foot work, clueless on defense. European players? really? They are not that good. There is so much talent out there in highly competitive areas of the US. Kids that easily can play D1 basketball at mid major level, but get shut out. But I guess it really doesn't matter because this coach does nothing to develop the team. It's so obvious.... This is a highschool team with foreign kids mixed in... unwatchable...

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    I know that Katerina (Katie) Leisen class of 2021 has a scholarship offer. She lives in my neighborhood in Eden Prairie but she plays for Minnetonka. The family has visited NDSU a couple of times now. I have a feeling she is going to get a lot of DI scholarships coming her way.

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