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Thread: Dome Upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Moen View Post
    I don't have any wireless issues in the Dome when we run the Junior/Cadet Nationals in July. No, we don't have 20,000 people in the building, but there around 8,000-10,000 people and a lot of other wireless devices affecting reception.
    Bandwidth is an issue on Verizon's network. There are times I can barely get bisonville on tapatalk open and that requires hardly any service at all. They've improved it a few years ago nothing but calling or texting would work.

    I'd think espns stat tracking on their app would be fine though.

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    Have to remember how good we have it in the Dome. The newly renovated Notre Dame Stadium has only one big screen that they think is the cat's meow, but the Dome has two 100 foot video boards. Pretty sweet for Fargo to have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
    I really miss being able to look up at all times and see Rushing Yards, Passing Yards, Total Yards...
    Me too. Phone service is always sketchy in there and I don't like having my phone out when the game is going on.

    Hate complaining with the awesome new boards, but I think it's pretty obvious they could be better utilized without much effort.

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