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Thread: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by 56BISON73 View Post
    I thought that was Lakes with a stash
    You should see him in his swimsuit!!

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    This is ridiculous--only +26 in the poll? The small number of votes makes me wonder, do the HOF polls need more prominent placement in the forum? Anyway, I still think TAB's thread is clearcut hall-of-fame material.

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    yes, this is ridiculous, this lack of voting +1.
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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    We can only hope it's a bi-product of a Bison basketball hangover
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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    I voted yes, but I'm guessing that some people just don't vote instead of voting 'No'. In the end it has the same effect. But come on, this is classic TAB at his finest!! Vote Yes!

    Maybe we need UTH to go on the campaign trail again. I suppose if Lakes campaigned though, this poll would pass in the next hour!

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    TAB must get into the hall of fame for doubt about it!

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GOB1SON View Post
    I voted no.

    Not trying to ruffle feathers, and I am not a died in the wool poster or an original Bisonviller, so maybe I shouldn't even vote.

    I loved reading the scammer threads and kept up with them, especially when it was hot and heavy. But I kind of think that hall-of-fame threads should be great threads that are centered around Bison athletics. It's just my opinion.

    I check out the bikini thread and joke thread whenever there is something new too, but I wouldn't vote for them either, even though they get as many hits as any.

    I will reserve my yes vote for threads that are bring new insight or information and spark great debate concerning Bison athletics.

    Once again, just my two cents.
    Quote Originally Posted by TransAmBison View Post
    Ha, ha, thanks for the support guys. GoBison, I respect the opinion. I hear what you are saying and you have full right to vote whatever way you want. But that dude now has a Bison PERMANENTLY tattooed on his arm. That rocks. Not trying to toot my own horn...well...maybe I am a little. I'm still pretty proud I got a guy to get a tattoo.
    I wasn't going to vote on this one at first, for many of the same reasons GOB1SON voted no, but after the convincing argument from TAB I had to vote yes.

    After this thread though, I will be going back to my former position. It will take something else very special (Beneath the bunker special) for a 3rd thread from the smack forum to get my vote for the HOF.

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    Mods....Please sticky this thread in this forum until voting is finished!
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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    Bumping for votes.

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    Default Re: HOF - TAB Scammer Thread

    GOB1SON, like the GDT against ORU where we won the conf champs in 2009

    also Trans you got my vote no worries there brotha!
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