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  1. Re: USD signs football coach to 5 year deal

    Nielson will push that team past SDSU in quality very soon; wondering if this will be the year.
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    Re: Student Debt Load

    There is no flipping way. Our colleges here are affordable much like ND. I'm sure it was garbage stats that were done.
  3. Thread: MWill

    by THEsocalledfan

    Re: MWill

    What exactly is an "employee points tracking outfit?"
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    Re: SDSU ticket policy for 2019

    I guess SDSU is now taking single game ticket orders. PM me if you want tickets as I think I know someone here in SF who will hook you up.
  5. Re: NDSU looks at possible football game at Target Field

    I got a buddy at the Lake driving in for the game then back to the Lake. I hope more do the same!
  6. Re: Can HCCK do at KSU what he did at NDSU?

    Good article. Just watch that team; bet by next year they are in the Big 12 mix.
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    Re: Bison in the NFL

    Anyone agree with me that Shep probably has the best shot of the 3 on rosters?
  8. Re: Wentz's AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Coming to Fargo

    I agree your idea of teams is awesome. But just having a bison alumni game each year will quit drawing at some point.
  9. Re: Wentz's AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Coming to Fargo

    If they do it again, they need to try to get some Eagle and Vikings players. That would keep the draw strong. You'd think they could get Thielen to come since local, and may Dallas Goedert. (I've...
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    Re: 2020 Verbal: AJ Moss

    I'm sure Favre called to let Lakes know that. :)
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    Re: 2020 Verbal: Jesse Hastings

    Careful, SDSU will probably scholie him just to spite us.
  12. Re: Can HCCK do at KSU what he did at NDSU?

    Only guys who were 5 year seniors AND CK closed the deal on all those, not Bohl. That was very much CK's team last year.
  13. Re: Can HCCK do at KSU what he did at NDSU?

    Yes, he can do it. His recruiting was over the top good at NDSU, including success in the very region KSU needs for success. Now, you give him all of KSU's resources? My goodness, watch out.
  14. Free Bison football on TV in near future?

    Folks who live in ND or Western MN, ignore this....

    So, recently stumbled on They even have a roku channel. Allows you to watch local channels on a stream based on your IP address...
  15. Re: Fargodome officials consider adding seats/BEER for Bison games

    Careful, that is rationale thought....not much of that regarding alcohol issues with Bison football in Fargo.
  16. Re: Fargodome officials consider adding seats/BEER for Bison games

    I know it has been said previous, but it bears repeating....I'd bet money tailgating hours get cut if they ever do this. Thus, I am firmly opposed. (ambivalent if they don't cut tailgating hours)
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    Re: Holden Hotchkiss Transferring

    And the walk on Sanders is still with the team. I love that he already outlasted two scholarship players. (granted, one was year older, but think it still counts....)
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    Re: *OFFICIAL* John Crockett Thread

    I love John. Time for him to take his dedication he has shown to football and apply it somewhere else. Has to be hard to let go of a dream.
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    Re: Tim Miles for AD

    They can then go D1 with Augie.
  20. Re: Richman Contract Extended through 2021-22

    For as much as folks love to rip on Dave, putting Tyson inside during the Summit was nothing short of brilliant.
  21. Re: Richman Contract Extended through 2021-22

    I'd like to know the buyout after the next two years. Sounds like there is flexibility to give both parties an out if needed. This appears to be an excellent deal and about what many of us thought...
  22. Re: Looking Ahead at early non-conference opponents

    Twins should sign this guy:
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    Re: 2019 FB Tailgate Thread

    Hookers and blow go a long way to get Longhorn to hang with you.
  24. Re: Has Richman Run this Program Into the Ground??

    Heck, I'd be fine with the Pentagon! Get 'er done......
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    Re: Trevor Gebhart

    Last time NDSU played in Juiced Town, Midco had Trevor as an analyst. Flippin' drove the Jacks fans nuts since he was a Sioux Falls kid smart enough to play for the right team.
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