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Top Teams Over Past 5 Years (according to Sagarin)

by Scooter1 on 05-08-2016 at 11:23 PM
Over the past five years there is little doubt that NDSU has been the best program in the FCS. Here is a ranking of the top programs compared by Sagarin rating 5 year average. The results were surprising.

1. NDSU. Ave rank 31.4 No big shock here as NDSU has won 5 NC in a row.

2. UNI Ave rank 78.4 UNI has consistently been considered one of the toughest games on the NDSU schedule and the #2 ranking supports this contention.

3. SHSU. Ave rank

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Preseason thoughts and the Kansas State game...

by Scooter1 on 08-23-2013 at 07:32 AM
1 week until the kickoff of the 2013 season and Kansas State is on the table, The Bison are deservedly ranked #1 in every poll for FCS. Speaking of polls, who the hell voted for Eastern Kentucky as the best team in FCS? I know some people are homers but when you have team that just won the National title for the second time in a row that has 18+ starters back (10 from the statistical best defense in FCS) a vote for Eastern Kentucky just seams stupid. While we are at it, how the hell did SHSU

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It's ALL in the presentation.

by Scooter1 on 06-14-2013 at 10:40 PM
What I have learned this week from the Travis Beck incident is that for some, it doesn't matter what actually happened in this unfortunate incident. All that matters is that charges were made. It doesn't matter what comes out later, all that matters is how you package this new information to fit your adgenda. I learned that I can use this technique in practically any circumstance and i will give you some examples.

Example 1. Charge: I charge that half of the football players

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Recipe for success in FCS?

by Scooter1 on 06-06-2013 at 10:05 PM
It is becoming increasingly clear that, quit possibly, the most important game this season may be the bobcat / Bison game that was cancelled last February. Who would have thought that the new template for success would be to schedule tough teams and back out at the last minute?
If NDSU fails to get an 11th game that is a counter, the margin for error goes way down. The MVC has taught us that it is very difficult to go through the conference undefeated. A loss at Kansas St and one in the

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Help, Bison to much for my Bobcat!!!

by Scooter1 on 02-21-2013 at 08:19 PM
When I was younger I used to help out on my uncle's farm. We had an older Bobcat that we used for chores. My uncle used to remind us not to overload the little workhorse because he couldn't afford to have it break down. Like my uncle Gary, Montana State has done the exact same thing; recognizing the limitations of the Bobcat. Congrats to the Montana State Bobcats, you know the Bison on the schedule is way to much for the little kitties.

What perplexes me is that the Montana State

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Updated 02-22-2013 at 03:48 AM by Scooter1