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    UNI Post Game Thoughts & Discussion.

    Thread Starter: Kevin

    1) Trey Lance is good at football. 2) I hate UNI and I like beating them. 3) By a lot. The hate factor alone proves they're our real rival. 4) The...

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    Carson Wentz

    Thread Starter: HotShot

    Realistically what are his expectations for the season. I keep hearing how he could of been a starter on almost any FCS team in the nation the last 2...

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    Gophers 2014 season

    Thread Starter: El_Chapo

    Ok after squeezing by Purdue 39-38 where does the gopher "brick by brick" season stand ? 6-1. Illinois Iowa Are next Will they...

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    2019 Season

    Thread Starter: DukeTidalWave

    Schedule is out!!! https://gobison.com/schedule.aspx?path=wvball

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    Big Bird

    2019 Recruits

    Thread Starter: Big Bird

    With Junior duals going on now and Fargo nationals not too far around the corner, seems like a good time to look ahead to next year's recruits. To...

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    Trey>Carson>Stick>Jensen Dont reply.

    Thread Starter: El_Chapo

    only 1 of these had a big time FBS offer. Trey is gonna be a beast...even though Carson Wentz is obviously a better PRO QB with his size.

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    2020 MVFC Recruiting

    Thread Starter: bruinbison

    Demetrius (TK) Marshall - 5’ 11” 188 - RB/DB - Minneapolis (Southwest) Offered by SDSU, Northern Iowa, Fighting Hawks. 1000 yards rusher as both a...

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    2019 Sagarin Says

    Thread Starter: NovaBison

    Stumbled on this today... #35 to start the season https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/2019/team/

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    A new and better FBS thread

    Thread Starter: tony

    The other one just turned into a flame war. I'll remove stuff from this one if it gets to that. Please keep this one on topic (I'll do my part, if...

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    The Freshman Four - 2019 Edition

    Thread Starter: EC8CH

    Check back for updates to track the 2019 freshman class as individual players approach the magic number of 4 games played. Posts will be made for...

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