Early COVID Data

  1. Sharptail
    A healthy campus means healthy athletes. See the Sharptail blog for early data on infection rates at state campuses--NDSU showing much better than any other college or university. Knock wood.

    If you've been attending Bison FB home games, you know that COVID continues to dampen attendance. A sell-out does not mean a butt in every seat--far from it. Maybe 75% at best? Hard to tell. One sure thing is that the home crowd is not providing any significant advantage to the home team. Northern Iowa, that's a good team, and the game is a grudge game, but crowd activity was lackluster.

    The only way through this is vaccination, mass vaccination. Get it. If we don't achieve this, then the hoops season is going to be quiet indeed. We have great prospects for hoops on women's and men's sides alike. They deserve suppport. The best support we can give them is to jack up vaccination rates and suppress COVID on campus and in the community. #VaxUpNd #ProtectTheHerd
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