Valorize and Incentivize

  1. Sharptail
    North Dakota ranks in the bottom ten states for COVID vaccination of adults. Cass County, home of the NDSU campus, is experiencing an alarming resurgence of cases due to the Delta variant. There is an urgent need to promote vaccination of students, staff, athletes, and fans. Let us valorize vaccination: recognize and praise all those who are pursuing the public good and protecting the Herd. Let us also incentivize vaccination: institute and publicize incentives parcel to a full-court press to defend our home court.
  2. Sharptail
    From my blog: Multiple legislators who tested COVID-positive during the past session immediately received antibody treatments. Experimental treatments. On the dime of North Dakota taxpayers, who provide full health coverage for legislators. Every legislator should be full-voiced to valorize and incentivize vaccination. Protect the Herd.
  3. Sharptail
    Important news about COVID vax incentives at Sharptail's blog -
  4. Sharptail
    From the Sharptail blog: The news this week: two NFL quarterbacks hamstringing their teams by refusing to get vaccinated for COVID. Yeah, it's a team thing. #VaxUpND
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