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Not to jinx things, but the early COVID infection rate data on state campuses looked like this.
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I wouldn't go to the bank with this data from the university system, but it clearly shows that NDSU, the first institution to inistitute a cash incentive for vaccination, and the one that has most publicized and encouraged the jab, got off to the best start among the colleges and universities, by far.
In this forum for Bison Athletics, this is vitally important news. Campus infections > team infections > Bison forfeits. Healthy campus, healthy teams.
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  1. Sharptail's Avatar
    Vaccination is what is keeping the lid on COVID on campus. Compliance with the mask mandate is good in some areas, poor in others. Best advise athletes and all students to stay away from campus coffee shops--they are risky areas.
  2. Sharptail's Avatar
    15 October is the deadline for students to claim the $ incentive for vaccination. Haven't heard anything as to possible extension. Students are still being encouraged to vax up and given ample opportunity. By the way, if you're not vaccinated, just stay away from campus. (Students medically unable to be vaccinated are being accomodated.)

    Expect there will be new data on infection rates soon.