NDSU @ Oregon 9.5.2020

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Oregon plays FCS (Division I-AA) nearly every season as warm-up. I think they know the level of talent.
Ha ha ha! As was pointed out elsewhere... maybe Oregon knows the level of talent they've faced when playing other FCS teams.

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Exactly. I'm not disputing NDSU isn't heads and shoulders about the rest of the FCS but there is an obvious gap from FCS to FBS. Just like there is a gap between P5 and most non-P5 schools in FBS.
Ha ha ha! If you are talking about the "average" FCS team vs the "average" FBS team, sure. I don't think anyone will doubt that. But the way you have written this, it implies that there is a gap between the best teams in the FCS and the lowest teams of the FBS, which is asinine. The best FCS teams can generally play fairly competitively against many of the bottom half of P5 teams, let alone G5. So it is disingenuous to suggest that there is a "gap" of any sort between the sub-divisions. It's more of a continuum that blends together quite a bit in the middle.

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Oregon will play the equivalent of a G5 team. That is a fact.
Equivalent of a G5 team? I dunno. Maybe better stated as an FCS team that could beat all but a handful of G5 teams and many P5 teams. Maybe the equivalent of a top 30-ish FBS team?

Coach today said,

"We're all about Oregon right now, not any opponent, but understanding everything we do now will have a direct reflection on how we show up against North Dakota State on the opening day, and the rest of the season."

Hes taking you seriously.
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