Klieman a possible candidate for Gophers job

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This is pretty much what I was thinking. First, when you read what happened, you realize just how disgusting this who incident was. The party thing it just gross. The players then supporting those involved, especially to the degree they did is messed up. The coach supporting the players for supporting the incident is pretty clueless. The backpedaling an saying they were protesting "due process" was just pathetic. Altogether, some major character and culture issues that need to be changed.

This stuff probably happens at schools all over the country, but seriously what is wrong with kids these days.
I wish you could say it has been a recent issue, but it is has been that way for a long time with some schools...Look at Miami, Florida State, USC...and the list can go on...this has been a problem for programs for at least 25 years...
True, it has been around for a while. And as player get older and their careers end you hear more and more of these things come out. I still can't get over how messed up it is though.

Sitting around, watching a bunch of dudes hook up with a girl isn't my idea of a party, its just gross. Unfortunately, I don't know how you ever clean this kind of stuff up. Zero-tolerance policy? It would never happen, but aside from that, you'll never eliminate the behavior. Heck, even with that kind of policy, you wouldn't be able to get rid of it.
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