Klieman a possible candidate for Gophers job

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Yep, the reaction of the players through all of this tells you there are some pretty deep problems with the culture there that need to be fixed. But that's also the main thing, perhaps the only thing, that would make Klieman a viable candidate.
I look for them to hire based on:

1 Disciplinarian (need to clean up their act before NCAA does it for them)
2 Offense minded (the question is whether it will be a wide open offense or BIG 10 power offense)
3 Someone who can recruit nationwide.

The yellowing rodents have been a cellar dweller in the Big 10 for so long it will take a while to make them relevant.
Its kind of funny though, because every year, the TC media hypes them up like they are going to be dominant. They win a few weak non-conf games, and they really think they will be a top 10 team. Seems to happen every year though.
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