2014 Recruiting prospects

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What would be the perfect recruiting finish? A few of my top guys are

Qb Easton Stick
Rb Duncan Ferch
Te Beau
De Greg Menard
DE Casey McDermott Vai
S Alec Kocour

These guys seem to be great fits for our system

I struggle with some of the Florida and Arizona guys because I don't know how good the competition is

I dont have a preference, I trust the coaches will recruit the best players for NDSU and the players who chose NDSU will hopefully buy into the system.

I dont think they have any chance at Baggett, Buehler, Gardner, Jennings, Maxwell or Johns. Hill and Carpenter are wild cards and I cant tell whether the offers are legit and still standing, much less if they will ever visit. Rassmussen would absolutely surprise me at this point. McDermott Vai really seems interested, but that NIU offer is something he sounded very excited about. Peters and Smith also have said positive things but it's 50-50 if they ever come for an official visit. Collins would be a steal and he is coming for a visit. Jackson has been trying to find a weekend that will work to come visit, lets just hope no MWC or Pac 12 schools offer. Williams is another hard one to get a feeling on, if recruiting ended today, I would expect him to accept the NDSU offer.
Everyone else I think NDSU has a legit shot at or is even the top choice right now. We can expect right around 18 more scholarship names, plus the PWO's. Will be exciting to see how it all shakes out
I don't have a major preference either since all these guys are super talented. The only preference I have is if 2 guys are equally as talented, a guy from Minnesota/Wisconsin/midwest in general is the safer pick based on distance from home and weather. You never know how a kid from Florida will react to our weather. although some love it since they've never seen snow before. I just hope we can get some of these guys to a game because in McDermott-Vai's case - NIU may sound good but when you compare the stadiums and atmosphere in person - we win every time. But if a visit isn't made...

If we can sign Menard and McDermott-Vai our pass rush will be insane! That's a national championship caliber pass rush.

Stick, Fertch, and the TE from Wisconsin Beau B ( long ass last name) would be a great group. I actually like Fertch a little better than Gardner although most would disagree with me. Kids tall, strong, has moves and gallops like a deer.

Either way we have a great group of guys!
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