Help, Bison to much for my Bobcat!!!

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When I was younger I used to help out on my uncle's farm. We had an older Bobcat that we used for chores. My uncle used to remind us not to overload the little workhorse because he couldn't afford to have it break down. Like my uncle Gary, Montana State has done the exact same thing; recognizing the limitations of the Bobcat. Congrats to the Montana State Bobcats, you know the Bison on the schedule is way to much for the little kitties.

What perplexes me is that the Montana State team has ALOT of good players coming back who are playoff seasoned. This was one game that I was looking forward to seeing. I had alot of respect for the program and held up the fact that they intended to honor their contract with NDSU unlike their sister school in Montana. The Field is being extended to 24 teams next year so one would think that they could afford to take a little more risk and still make the playoffs. Oh, wait....they need to pad the record with a D2 school to make their record more appealing. This decision may come back to haunt Montana St if they wind up losing to SMU and have two losses in the conference. A D2 win will never help you get into the only hurts. (unless of course you play Incarnate Word (SHSU) and have a worse record than Cal Poly...then you get to host in the playoffs) I'll say it... CAL POLY WAS SCREWED!!!

Good job NDSU for keeping a very good Kansas State game on the schedule. NDSU has become the benchmark for the rest of the FCS. A lot of people will be watching this game. I don't expect the Bison to come out with a win but there is a potential for NDSU to play well and win.

Montana State did another thing in backing out of the NDSU game. They put an exclamation point on the real reason why NDSU and SDSU were not invited to become Big Sky members. The Big Sky was never interested in letting two universities the caliber of NDSU and SDSU into the Big Sky. In reality, the biggest nail in the coffin for NDSU getting into the Big Sky came in 2003 when new coach Craig Bohl went into Missoula and beat a good University of Montana team with a D2 allotment of scholarships.

Finally, Montana State accomplished something else when they took NDSU off the schedule, they let the whole FCS world know that they were scared. Just like working on a farm, the worst thing you could do when working with the Bulls is to show fear. Like my uncle Gary, MSU recognized the fear and got them the hell out of the pen before they got hurt. Then again, Uncle Gary would also follow that up with..."Why don't you go help Diane fix lunch?" (There was nothing more satisfying than watching my unnamed cousin do the walk of shame.)

So, Congrats to you, Montana State. You are officially not among the elite teams for next season. The weight of the Bison is definitely more than this Bobcat can handle. Hooray for you guys...YOUR Uncle Gary has found something he thinks you can handle. Your PR department is fooling no one. Well, no one who follows your program or FCS football. Good luck with that embarrassing "walk of shame." Unforunately, Aunt Diane has also recognized your limitations and has given you a job she thinks you would be good at...Setting the table before the men come in to eat. (Kind of like the last three FCS playoffs)...Coincidence? You be the judge. Good luck in your new self imposed position in life. Until MSU starts acting like men and honoring commitments, this is how they will be viewed.

And...Please, don't forget to wash your hands before setting the table.

(Opinions of Scooter1 do not reflect the official opinion of NDSU...but it should.)

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  1. KilldeerBison's Avatar
    Good job scooter, should be sent to the editorial at the Forum.
  2. Scooter1's Avatar
    Thanks, I think I'm OK to submit it as long as I rewrite to take an Anti Bison angle that we are bullying people (anti bullying) and stay away from stating that MSU did a CHOKE JOB 3 years running.......

    Shit, Is the angry elf going to ban me for a week now!?!?

    screw it....choke job.
    Updated 02-22-2013 at 06:55 PM by Scooter1
  3. 56BISON73's Avatar
    Great job Scoots.