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  1. It's possible that I may have one extra ticket thsi weekend. The past two weeks, Kristin has been able to buy from scaplers on the east side before the game $20 - $30 per ticket. Also, I have the word out to some folks that you need tickets, I'll let you know if anything comes along. Might not hurt to PM Pat Long?
  2. Hey Pat, are u using all your tickets this friday or do u know of any available cause of the game being on friday? Holden Connor and I might come.
  3. Paul, I think we will tailgate, depends on the weather. If the wind stays down, we can put up the enclosure and heaters. If it gets too windy we'll probably try to go over to BWW. I'm gonna keep checking the weather reports and decide Friday.
  4. Hey Pat, Might make the game this saturday. Are u setting up a tailgate?
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