• 2013 Bisonville Top 25 Week 3

    1. North Dakota State (7) 175
    2. Eastern Washington 165
    3. Towson 162
    4. Northern Iowa 150
    5. Eastern Illinois 136
    6. Montana State 125
    7. South Dakota State 123
    8. Sam Houston State 122
    9. Montana 109
    10. Wofford 95
    11. Stony Brook 77
    12. McNeese State 75
    13. New Hampshire 66
    14. Central Arkansas 60
    15. Fordham 59
    16. Maine 53
    17. Coastal Carolina 51
    18t. Bethune-Cookman 43
    18t. William & Mary 43
    20. James Madison 41
    21. Samford 38
    22. Tennessee-Martin 34
    23. Georgia Southern 33
    24. Cal Poly 32
    25. Northern Arizona 30

    Others Recieving Votes:
    Chattanooga 28; Youngstown State 24; Liberty 22; Richmond 19; Lehigh 16; Villanova 16; Illinois State 10; Jacksonville State 8; Old Dominion 5; Southeastern Louisiana 5; Indiana State 4; North Carolina A&T 4.
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