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  1. Carson Wentz

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    He still needs to get the throws out quicker and avoid the beating imho. I wonder if the ever discussed setting up deeper in the shotgun?

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    Thatís been an issue since day 1
  2. NDSU @ Oregon Predictions

    Oregon AD Rob Mullens:
    "The PAC-12 plans to announce details for Conference-only schedules no later than July 31."
    On NDSU, Ohio State, Hawaii:
    "We will work closely with all three schools to reschedule those games for a future year."
  3. 2020 Verbal: Dominic Gonnella

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    Dominic Gonnella reportedly signed a baseball contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks and would report to their camp next summer
    Interesting, so he plans to try doing both huh? That'd be kind of cool to follow.
    Whatís the NCAA regulation on him signing a pro contract and trying to play college football?
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen Fan Club

  5. NDSU @ Oregon 9.5.2020

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    Oregon plays FCS (Division I-AA) nearly every season as warm-up. I think they know the level of talent.
    Ha ha ha! As was pointed out elsewhere... maybe Oregon knows the level of talent they've faced when playing other FCS teams.

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    Exactly. I'm not disputing NDSU isn't heads and shoulders about the rest of the FCS but there is an obvious gap from FCS to FBS. Just like there is a gap between P5 and most non-P5 schools in FBS.
    Ha ha ha! If you are talking about the "average"