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  1. Bison Injuries

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    Any updates on Shep and Kuhnart (sp) ?
    My wife was watching on TV and they reported Shep has a "hammie", she asked me what that is. But, it was reported by KVLY, the same team that guaranteed a few weeks ago that the redshirt was NOT going to be pulled on Seth Wilson, so take that health report with a grain of salt.

    Austinís injury was a knee injury.
  2. GDT: NDSU vs. Northern Iowa

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    Fuck UNI.

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    @$$ kicking
  3. 2017 Minnesota Vikings

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    well. that was a willful win. Beat GB next week and back on top of the division.
    I seriously think Bradford's career is over. Is Teddy eligible to come off PUP?
  4. 2017 Minnesota Twins

  5. 2/25 @ Omaha Regular Season Finale

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    That's not what others were saying in the thread in regards to the stream. Crap shoot I don't deal with anymore