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  1. GDT: NDSU vs. South Dakota

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    Must be that fricken turf.
    Seems like a lot of players slipping. Plank got kicked in the knee.

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    They seem to be slipping on the painted logos and numbers !
  2. Where Do You Think Improvement Is Most Needed?/Please Prioritize

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    Offense needs improvement. Period.
    The only thing that needs improvement on the offense is Easton's throwing accuracy .
  3. GDT: NDSU vs. Youngstown State

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    Certainly would be nice if the ref's would see the holding on our DE's on every p1ass play.
    Exactly ! I've seen Youngstown players with handfuls of jersey on multiple occasions !
  4. KVLY Crap Production

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    Timmerman is a tool
    I dislike total homers but he seems to enjoy the neg plays way too much.
    Totally agree !
  5. SDSU post game thoughts.

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    What puzzles me was that we never even came close too getting a sack. And we couldn't even force a hold call by their offensive line ! Was their offensive line that good or were the officials not calling it ?
    There were holding calls against the Jack's O line.
    I'm remembering their last possession when our defensive front four were really coming hard and nobody could break through or even get close or am I wrong ?