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  1. Fs 2 to jmu

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    I have an extra pair to jmu. Section 9/BB. 75$ for the pair
    They gone
  2. James Madison Ticket Site Open for Business

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    Wow, it works...
    If will call pickup is at the dome it works
  3. GDT: NDSU vs. SDSU (FCS Quarterfinals)

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    Our continual inability to manage the clock really bit us in the ass there. Inexcusable
    Coaches getting blasted on espn halftime show. The guy just said he can't understand what they were doing
  4. Milwaukee & Oakland

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    95-66 Final.
    Poor defense. Can't hit free throws. Etc.
    Dreadful. We are so unskilled, so awkward. And our one shooter is so predictable and oh so one dimensional
  5. NDSU vs UNC Greensboro

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    Way too many turnovers, plenty of effort though, just sloppy play. Dylan Miller came in and looked great, we had every opportunity to win this game Paul missed three 3's and a 15 footer in the last 5 minutes, he even hits half of those shots and we are right in it. We play this team again in 2 months we beat them easily. Good news is it's only 1 game and it's not a conference game, hopefully we can turn it back around tomorrow and get out of the tourney 2-1 and get to our tune up game before