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  1. Carson Wentz

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    I was on the phone when they gave an update. They just say knee injury out for game?
    My guess is torn meniscus. On the shelf for four months. Very similar to what happened to AP last year. At least I hope.
  2. GDT: NDSU vs. San Diego (FCS 2nd Round)

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    That should have been called for blocking in the back.
    I think Deluca is getting healthy
  3. FCS Playoffs Second Round Thread

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    Shsu whipping usd?

    Also any day that JSU loses is a good day. Worst fanbase in FCS.

    NOBODY worse than vermin paladin fans and it's not even CLOSE...
  4. Dome Upgrades

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    I see a lack of resepect for others. If someone behind me asked me to sit, I would repectfully sit down (especiallly if they were elderly, shorter, young kids, etc). You buy a seat when you buy a ticket in one of the blue chairs. Your right to stand ends when it interferes with another's right to sit. It is time to stop being so "me" oriented and think about others as well. If you want to stand so badly, buy a standing room only ticket.
    So someone who sits has more right
  5. Bison Injuries

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    Any updates on Shep and Kuhnart (sp) ?
    My wife was watching on TV and they reported Shep has a "hammie", she asked me what that is. But, it was reported by KVLY, the same team that guaranteed a few weeks ago that the redshirt was NOT going to be pulled on Seth Wilson, so take that health report with a grain of salt.

    Austinís injury was a knee injury.