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  1. Email marketing from AI

    If your company wants to succeed, you have to stay on top of the newest and most up to date trends in the marketing industry. It is very easy to get caught behind, and your competitors will easily trample you if you don't get ahead. One of the trends we have been seeing is the incorporation of AI in emails and marketing. Here's how it works.

    Personalized email

    Rather than getting an emailed sent to you and a thousand other people, you will get one specifically directed ...
  2. Early signing period

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    I tend to agree with you Hoops, but being so many years behind in recruiting, maybe this staff could find one or two that might work out. Nice to be in our situation in football (sorry Bubba) that we've loaded up for about 4 years in a row, we never will think about a JUCO.

    Watching these games at the dome. The d1 level pickins are slim. The best the state has now is marginal. These games are horrible.
  3. SLT Finals: vs SDSU

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    Gotta admit that was as fun as any football game. Wow. Heart is pounding!

    I'm a die hard FB fan but have loved bball also....the worm is turning for the FB only crowd

    great shit.....I'm on a high right now
    Completely agree, I feel the same way. Don't remember being anymore nervous during football games than I was tonight. My heart rate was really up there the last three minutes. NDSU athletics is so good and so much fun right now ! We are very ...
  4. SLT Finals: vs SDSU

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    Damn I hate that weave we do at the top of the key ! It doesn't seem to have purpose. It's like spinning your weels ! I could see it if someone would drive to the basket off of it !
    Did you watch last night????
    I did, but were sure not getting those drives tonight !
  5. ORU Game

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    Take it all out o me losers........this Bison team has nothing to do with their 20 point deficit.
    Man you are just an embarrassment to bisonville. Why don't you just switch your support (or lack of it) to another team. No matter the sport or what the Bison do your bitching ! You sir are a total loser !